All dogs that had been living with us predated the foundation of our kennel, although we hadn’t been going into breeding.
The first bred litter were eight little Dalmatian dogs.
In 1992, we had had a half-year old bitch of Rhodesian Ridgeback at home, – Calma z Africke savany. Thanks to her – she became a founder of our breeding – we have the fourth generation of her daughters, grand-daughters and great-granddaughters at home. Calma was beautiful, independent and self-confident bitch, the blood of famous African ancestors from old African kennels had circulated in her veins. Her mother, Amy Red Wayside, came from Zambia and her father, Shingi Mennystones, came from Zimbabwe. Calma differed in character compared with present RR, that are much more domesticated, as she was more savage, had a strong maternal instinct and was a great dog personality. She used to sit on the highest point of the terrain motionlessly staring into the distance as if she was back somewhere in the country of her origin, in Africa. This year - 2013 she would be 21 years old.
had four litters and the puppies went to new owners all over the Europe. Puppies achieved the MultiChamp. , JCH and CH. titles. We kept one of the puppies – dog Barny, whose father was Dutch dog Vumba.
Calma went to the dog heaven at the age of 7. By this time she already had a continuator of race - her daughter Ela Maria. Ela († 2009) was a lively, obedient and athletic bitch, friendly and kind and she sailed quiet through our lives till the age of eleven. After Elina we left her daughter Jafara ze Sulicke tvrze, after Finnish daddy Ch. Dabobo Malozi, the third generation of our girls RR. třetí generaci našich holek RR. In 2003 we brought from Wienna a brown-nose dog Caki (Jahari of Ka-Ul-Li´s Ridges)alm and friendly, excellent watchdog. When he has become a stud dog, he and Jafara gave life to two litters of puppies of strong and solid skeletons. Some of them are in Austria (dog Natal), bitch Niasa "works" for EU in Brussels. Caki is a father of 8 litters.
. We kept a bitch again – Pem Niki ze Sulicke tvrze , one of the puppies from the last litter of Jafara and dog ICH. Hasani of Ka-Ul-Li´s Ridges (born in 2009). Niki is very young, lively girl, a bit silly when mimicing her mother Jafara. She is a bitch of strong skeleton and friendly character. She is a big friend of our Blecha - Lagotto bitch Dimurga and she puts up with everything from her. I had decided to got Flea as a dog for retirement, with lower weight and because of the lovely character of the breed. It is like the contrariety to the RR. Learning about Bleska in the section Our dogs.

We have bred 18 litters of puppies since 1992 (1 litter of Dalmatian dogs, 2 litters of our Bernese Hound Axina 1 litter of Lagotto romanolo).
Our puppies are for example in the family of Petr Rychlý (dog Faro and now bitch Papaya Lusy), Marie Rottrová had bitch Dasty from our kennel, one of the bitches from the D litter was in the family of Martin Posta.
In 1997, I passed the exams for Dog Exterior Judge. I have extended my qualification for another breeds group FCI No. 6.
I am the regional breed adviser for South Bohemia.
But what I treasure the most are the relations we keep with new owners of our puppies, we are good friends with some of them.
Our puppy-girls, adult at the moment of course, give birth to their first puppies and new owners, terrified and excited, assist in the delivery with me on the phone.
I cry when the owners inform me that some dog has passed away, they write: "Thank you for beautiful 13 years with the puppy from ze Sulické tvrze kennel" and they want another puppy, just as the first was. As if that was possible in life!
I like the most to give a puppy as a family friend and companion for live, because that is what the RR were born to be.

We really like working with animals, mainly with dogs, but also with horses (we got them for 18 years) and it is not only the hobby for me and my husband, but also the employment.